Happy Ramblers

2019 Track

Same direction as 2016 with some different jumps

2016 Track

the design for the 2016 Track is COMPLETE. IT has been reversed and widened to allow for better racing.

2015 Track


Happy Ramblers Motorcycle Club was established in 1939 by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that rode their motorcycles on the street and dirt.  It did not take long to attract a diverse group of men and women riders. We have seen pictures of the original group at the Hanover Square in downtown Hanover, PA, some of the bikes where built for street and others with aggressive knobby tires for dirt riding. In these pictures the riders/members where dressed like the Red Barons of yesteryear, they dawned hard core leather jackets with airplane pilot type goggles, knee high leather boots and scarfs around their necks.

The group leased a piece of property in West Hanover, PA to hold rallies and dirt drags.  In 1968 the officers of the club Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Martz, Mr. and Mrs. George M. Wedge purchased +/-20 acres of what is now known as 4340 Hanover Road for $1000.00 from Lloyd P. Laugerman and his wife Dolores (The current location of HRMC). The club house was built and dirt was piled into the corners of the new Happy Ramblers Speedway motorcycle flat track racing began to thrive in Hanover, PA.

We have been told that the track was converted to European style motocross alongside of the speedway track in 1974-78. In 1978 the speedway track was plowed over to make way for the new motocross era.  The current track location covers the third and fourth turn of the original speedway track and the 1st and 2nd turn would have been located where the front parking area is currently.
Over the past thirty years Happy Ramblers as a motocross track has hosted many events, with the attendance of great racers like Travis Pastrana, Jason Lawrence, Barry Carsten, Jeff Yentzer, Tim Schmelyun and many great amateur racers. 

Happy Ramblers has a rich history in the development of the sport of motorcycle riding and racing.  As always, our doors are open to a friendly environment that promotes riding, racing, and learning. Come on out, maybe someday someone will be writing about you and the history of Happy Ramblers Motorcycle Club.


The track has a supercross layout, and is extremely popular with all riders. The compact layout incorporates double and triple jumps, as well as large tabletops. The dirt is clay-based, with wood chips and sand mixed in, to keep the track loose.

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