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Happy Ramblers

Motorcycle Club

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What equipment do I need to ride at HRMC?

Mandatory equipment: Helmet, Goggles, Long Shirt, Long Pants, Boots and Gloves.

Recommend additional equipment: Chest protector, Knee pads, Neck Brace

2. I want to practice XX/XX/XX day (a day that is not on the schedule).

HRMC is actually open 7 days a week to our members all year long except when the track is closed for special events (ie prepping for races). Members can bring guests to the track for $30 a day($15 after 2pm, no AMA card needed, spectators are free). On occasion, a member will open the track up to the public, the best way to meet up with members is the facebook group page: 

Please note: The track is only prepped on scheduled days; on non event days, it is unlikely that the track will be prepped.

3. What's it cost?

Race Weekends - Pricing depends per series: $30-$40 per class, $15 gate fee, AMA cards required

Open Practice Days - $30, no gate fee, spectators are free, no AMA card 

Guest of a member(on a non open practice/schedule day) -  $30 all day or $15 after 2PM

4. Do I need to be a member to ride at Happy Ramblers

The track is open to the public on all days posted on the schedule. On occasion, we will add practice days to the schedule. These are announced on the Facebook page.

5. Why isn't Happy Ramblers open every day or every weekend?

Happy Ramblers Motorcycle Club is a group of motocross enthusiasts that are all volunteers(unpaid). We do our best to give full public access to the track throughout the year by offering scheduled race and practice days. It's a balance of between asking too much of our members and the number of days the track is open. If you would like to ride more...become a member!

6.Can I rent the facility for a party/group ride /wedding?

Facility rentals are evaluated on a case by case basis, please send an e-mail to for more information.